2016 Testimonial—Jorge Gomez

First Recipient Of The Torres Foundation Award


“The Torres Foundation has helped me in a couple of ways. First of all, the Foundation has helped me out with school. Coming into the new semesters I had some trouble adjusting to the new schedule, but with the help of the foundation it was much easier for me to adapt to the environment. During the beginning of the semesters, when the instructors informed the students what books were needed for the course, I did not have to stress about how I was going to be able to get them because of the help the Torres Foundation had provided. Right after class, I was able to go to the bookstore and buy what was needed to get me by. With books out of the way, I was able to buy equipment and food throughout the semester. This helped limit my distractions and get me through the time period.

Secondly, the Torres Foundation has helped me understand how to manage my money. In my first semester in college I was much more carefree with what I spent. I still bought what I needed for school but with what I had left, I realize now, I had bought equipment and food that was not necessary at the time. Now with that learning experience, I am able to get the most out of what I buy by getting what is needed for school and helping out my mother with any expenses as well. Therefore, I am able to understand how to distribute my money in a more profitable way to help make me reasonably distinguish my needs and my wants.”

Jorge Gomez