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Our mission is to provide financial support to first generation Mexican-American students matriculating from high school to community colleges within the San Diego area. 
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Help us support young first generation Mexican-American students in their desire to be the best citizens that they can be.

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The Untold Story

Often, first generation Mexican-American students fall through the educational crack. Even though they are good students, willing to learn, and sacrifice, attention is often paid to other more mainstream students.  It's easy to get lost in the end of school shuffle when there are no school or community advocates to assist in maneuvering through the challenges inherent in advancing to community college.

Financially, students have little money to pay for school, books, and the everyday living expenses necessary to complete their community college education.  Home life is often problematic.  Moving on to community college rather than taking a low paying job to help the family live day-to-day, creates a fundamental quandary--help the family immediately or choose education which is a longer haul but necessary to succeed in life.